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The little lies we are told

Isn’t it interesting when you realized something you believed as a truth about yourself is actually untruthful. For whatever reason, I have for awhile now believed I am not fun. I have been away from my husband at a course for a couple of weeks. I have ate in my room on many occassions attempting to be financially responsible but I feared that moment. You know the one, when you get asked to dinner to eat with your peers. For the past two nights I ate with some really incredibly wonderful ladies from all walks of life…pretty much our course is really intense and we are just trying to make it so we can get home to our families that we miss so much. But I was suprised I was fun. I can hold an intelligent conversation and make people laugh it felt really good. It was great to get some girl talk in. I have missed that too because we just moved to our area awhile ago. Why do we believe these lies. I  mean seriously I have this great husband who laughs at all my jokes and pretty much enjoys my company on a daily basis. I go to church and I have people who I enjoy talking to who come and talk to me every week. I have lifelong friends and yet there are some little insecurities that pop up now and then…and that’s the first voice(you’re not …) I believe no matter what assurances have been given before that or what ground has been covered prior. Here’s the catch the Bible says we do not war against flesh and blood. This is true. There is a battle for our mind. Christ is our hope, He is our assurance, When we hear (you’re not…this or that) we need to remember who He is. He gave every once of Himself so that we might be redeemed(bought with a price) Essentially I am a special treasure…that Jesus thought was worth dying for…Pretty cool huh.


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