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I mentioned in the earlier post that I have been sick this weekend. Well this morning I left the house for a few minutes to get some gel cap aspirin and watermelon. I left the house in my pajama bottoms, tee-shirt. no deoderant, no hair combed, etc. The only polite thing I did for my fellow shoppies was to brush my teeth(see I am not a complete heathen) So as based on my appearance I am not really in the mood to talk to anyone or be polite. I just want the aspirin for my headache and the cool sweet watermelon for my tummy. So I try to check out in the check yourself out lane. Normally you are left alone and the only time you are bugged is when the lady who stands at the clerk station yells at you that you messed up again(which is another blog). No that did not happen this morning instead I had an overly perky clerk come from behind her station to ask me how I am…I am thinking look at me! Do I look fine to you! I am sick lady, step off! No what do I really say…that’s right what I have been trained to say…”I am fine, thank you”  Sometimes I wish Rebekah unsensored would come out…then other times I am thankful that she does not.  I did make it out of the store and home without yellling at the clerk after all she was just trying to give good service. It was just a little too much enthusiasm for Sun at 8am



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