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When do you know you are loved?

I told you earlier this week that my husband if I asked him to would fan me with palm leaves and feed me grapes. This is not because he’s whipped either. I have never had someone outside my immediate family care for me so much as he does.

This past Friday I came home feeling pretty sick and crumby. I was chilling and feverish. My husband was running late from work so I ended up trying to sleep it off. When Nolan came home I could not move very well. He immediately took my temperature and put a cold cloth on my head and started nurturing me. Then later takes me to the ER to get checked out. When we get home he takes me upstairs to bed and tucks me in and gives me 3 waters to drink. I fall dead asleep. Then the antibiotics and the aspirin I am taking are messing with my stomach…I ended up tossing “my cookies” my wonderful husband cleaned up the mess for me for which I was not able to do at that moment. I mean that’s love. I have spent the whole weekend not feeling well. No beauty regimen. Barely brushed my hair and for some reason my husband thinks I am beautiful…Now I know I am loved after all that. My God bless my husband richly for his tenderness and caring this weekend


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