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Testimony and Teaching

I got to give my testimony a week ago wednesday night. Since then our teens girls have been more responsive to me. I get more hugs and feel like I am making more of an impact. For the last 4 months it has felt like I was riding pine waiting, thinking “put me in coach, I am ready to play”. Well the game is on. Today is Sunday we are having a revival and our church secretary has many obligations (she also teaches the 13 year old girls) I prepared a lesson just in case she may have to perform other duties this morning and after a long wait I finally got to teach. I have missed teaching I haven’t taught a Bible lesson in awhile. However, I  have daily quiet time before work and there have been somethings that I have felt compelled to share in the last few months but have not had the opportunity. I have longed to get back in the saddle so to speak and teach God’s word. My only hope is to spur others to love God even more and to follow him faithfully. It is absolutely worth it to live for HIm with all your heart, soul, and mind


One Response to “Testimony and Teaching”

  1. Hey Rebekah!

    You have an awesome opportunity to teach even unknown people whatever it is God is teaching you . . . right here, on your blog! Yeah, it takes patience, and maybe only a few people read your blog right now . . . But if you name your posts creatively, you never know what impact you make when someone does a Google search. My wife, Emily, is getting better traffic than me some days, simply because she gets more search traffic.

    I’m excited for you! Titus 2 it, girl!

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