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Who’s advice should we heed…?

Have you ever been in a sticky situation or in a circumstance in which some aged advice would be appreciated. So, we go to wherever we go for advice. Hopefully that advice is valid, accurate, reliable, and relevant for the specific situation. But sometimes we find that we turned to the wrong set of friends, etc for advice and we are in a worse situation than when we started. You have been there and so have I.  Psalms 1:1-2

This is one of my favorite Psalms. During college I memorized it. Recently I have found the need to return to this passage to study it. I recently changed jobs and one of my coworkers has ran off 3 people prior to me. So I have come to the psalms and proverbs for comfort, for strength, for encouragment, and wisdom to know how to handle the situation.

I began to do a word study of things that popped out at me as I was studying Here are my thoughts…

walking—standing—-sitting. These are transitional movements in physical therapy.  Many times in P.T. I am interested in progressing a patient by getting them to  sitting—standing—-and walking. However, in this text the opposite is occuring there is a transitional regression or decline occurring.

The text states that this regression starts because of ungodly counsel or advice was heeded. This advice was heeded innocently at first. Maybe it was as subtle a problem as what to wear on a date. You ask you fashion trendy friends what to wear on the date. They say Hey girl to get your man you must wear something low cut…leave the turtleneck at home and wear this more revealing outfit that shows off all your curves! Maybe you heed this advice. You go on the date, you are not yourself, your outfit makes you self conscious, but you have the boy’s attention like never before(negative reinforcement) You like this attention from the men. You never got this attention before. For the first time in your life someone thought you were “hot”, “beautiful” and “desireable” So you start buying more revealing outfits…the lower the cut the better(now you are standing in the way of sinners) This only means that you are following a sinners characteristics. You are starting to wear the things six months before you would not wear.

A couple of months go(of low cut clothing wearing) by and you meet up with an “old turtleneck wearing” friend and you make fun of her to her face informing her that “she needs to get with the times and change her ways to more like your ways”(now you are sitting in the seat of the scornful) In essence you are passing judgement on your “old turtle neck wearing friend” Well you don’t see your friend any more…you part ways.  So you continue on the path…continue wearing low cut clothing and outfits and one night you are out with you are out with your boyfriend and things go to far…something happens…innocence is lost. You are left in shambles, disillusioned, wondering who you are and how you got here. You are left alone to pick up the pieces, 9 months and a baby later you wonder about your “old turtleneck wearing friend” Whatever happened to her?…you hear through the grapevine that she is married to a wonderful man and has a good job…etc basically the life you desire. The only thing that made you two different was the advice heeded and the choices made.

Your old “turtle neck wearing friend” also had the same fashion trendy friends as you but she did not heed the advice instead she asked God/went to the Bible to find out what to wear on her date. She dressed modestly…She was able to be herself on the date, her true inner beauty shown through, her future husband was attracted to her modesty. He thought she was beautiful even though she did not reveal anything. On her wedding night she reveals to her husband that which was hidden and he is astounded by her beauty. In his eyes she is breathtakingly beautiful. She blushes but is secretly delighted of her husband’s amazement.

Blessed(happy) is the man(or woman) that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful

BUT(gotta love buts in the Bible)-contrast

His delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and night

When in need of advice we often consider sources that are inaccurate, invalid, unreliable and irrelevant. When in need of advice we need to turn to a truer, more accurate source. The only true source for advice on any subject is the Bible. It is our handbook how to live as Christ. In my own life I have found that when seeking advice siding with God and His ways is always a win-win situation. Seeking Christ and his ways does not “cost you more than you want to pay, or keep you longer than you want to stay”


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