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I found a keeper!!!!

Nolan and I are having our first wedding anniversary today. We went away for 5 days on vacation. This morning we woke early and talked about the past year. In recap, we have not had a typical first year of marriage. We have made many changes: Moving from MO to Michigan, making job changes, becoming more involved in church etc. In the past few months we have been going through some challenges. Today as we sat by the ocean we got a chance to really discuss these challenges and found that once again we have been knit together in a common bond and a common goal. I think Nolan felt relieved to know that I listen to him and I understand some of the things that have been discussed in the past few months but we thought we were miscommunitcating.

Looking back on this year from my standpoint: Next to accepting Christ, deciding to marry Nolan has been a huge blessing. I love my husband and I love our marriage.  Moving to Michigan was a good thing. We have grown so close because of this move. I was able to demonstrate several times my fierce loyalty, faith, and submissiveness to my husband. My husband is much happier in his job. And we are getting to serve in church. In recent months we are making friends and we are getting to influence some teens for Christ. God has called us to something special though we are not sure exactly what direction that is at this moment. We just want to be faithful in the things God has given to us right now. It is a privelege and a pleasure to serve him.

I love my husband for many reasons. First of all he is not me…nor is he a girlfriend…no he is all male! Amen and Praise God! He has attributes that I do not have. He is decisive. If I need to get quickly to a solution I ask Nolan he can get you through all the gook in 2 seconds, solve the problem, and get me home in time for dinner! You think I am kidding but I am absolutely telling you the truth. The man is a born problem solver. He looks at the world through a totally different view point culturally as well as genderwise and there are times when this comes in handy. It keeps me out of trouble. This man makes it easy to be myself. When I am with Nolan I am totally comfortable in my skin and there is a confidence and a reassurance that I do not have when I am with any other person. I love how this man protects me…sometimes in the littlest of ways for example when we walk off a sidewalk and are crossing the street he quietly tells me to hold up if the way is not clear. This is often necessary because I am often talking when we cross the street. I love that he opens doors for me, this makes me feel loved, appreciated, and most of all respected. This man is my mate. He is an absolute gift and I treasure him. I should tell him, show him, and demonstrated that same love everyday of the year. I am looking forward to another year of marriage so that I can do just that. I know there will be struggles and challenges but I also know there will be joy and much laughter also.


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