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Older and Wiser…Why young women need to have older women in their lives

Yesterday, I was running early for church. My husband had a birthday and I brought cupcakes to share with our teens. However, the church doors were not open(5:30 pm and church starts at 7pm) so I sat with two of my favorite elderly ladies in our church and discussed life issues. I discussed my newest adventures in teaching 13 year old girls and how I was teaching them to get more excited about their Bibles and Bible study. These ladies were so encouraging and they told me stories from their past. They spent time with me and shared the desires of their heart. One of them gets to share her testimony to our teens next Wed night. It was interesting to hear about her life. Her friend said “I shared my testimony months prior” She informed me that she thought “What do I have to share that would apply to teens today-she’s 92” Here’s my thoughts on that, there is nothing new under the sun eventually we will run into a person who has a similar story to ours. Us younger folks need to see people who are older who have been in similar situations and made it successfully through the circumstance. Or we need them to help hold us accountable when we are struggling with discipline. We need the encouragement to keep trying and we can benefit from their advice. You never know who is watching your life…walk as Christ would walk. Speak as Christ would speak. Think as Christ would think. Serve as Christ would serve. Obey as Christ would obey. Lead as Christ would lead.


One Response to “Older and Wiser…Why young women need to have older women in their lives”

  1. I would love to connect with you and your husband Nolan. I am an old friend who was a part of your Hubby’s spiritual formation while at Auburn University. Great thoughts on the need to have older women in your life.

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