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Weights and Measures

In the last Month, I have been spending my quiet times in Proverbs. This study has been slow but rewarding!

Nolan and I are experiencing new territory. Soon we will be parents of a new bustling baby boy. We are very excited, nervous, and a profound sense of deep responsibility to teach this child to love God and serve Him with all his heart. Therefore, I have found the need to have more wisdom. I am also experiencing some challenges at work which I cannot mention. The only place I know to get what I need is to God’s word and find out what it says for myself. I have one particular message that I keep finding intriguing:

Prov 11:1

A false balance is abomination to the Lord: But a just weight is His delight

A balance:

A scale: for weight measurement

Represents: honesty and standardized measure

Righteous evaluation of motives and actions(strong’s concordance)

Abomination: detestable, loathesome(Strong’s concordance), intense aversion(dictionary)

Why would God be intensly adverse to a false balance?

1) Its inaccurate, It lies: The scale could tell you you’re 120 when you are really 140 or you’re 140 when you are 120. Either way you are affected by the inaccuracy of the scale if the scale tells you you weigh more your attitude is affected-you can become depressed

If you are told falsely by the scale that you weigh less than you do you may also be affected into a false euphoric state while that extra 20 lbs is silently effecting/destroying your health(HTN, diabetes, damage to tissues)

Titus 1:2 God cannot lie. It is in His nature to be truthful. Jesus said “I am the way, the Truth, and the Life” A Holy, Righteous, Truthful, God can not be in the same room as that which is a lie. A lie is a sin. God is Sinless(without sin) What part does sin have with no sin…Nothing. God has no part with sin…in fact He hates it, abhors it, loathes it, intensly despises it, etc. He’s not going to wink at sin. He can’t its not in his character. Proverbs 6: 16 talks about the things that the Lord Hates at least 2 of those things involve lying.

2) The balance is not performing its intended function…Thus not honoring the “Maker of the Scale”

the balance is a means of measurement: However, the false balance is not judging the weight accurately. God talks about casting out salt when it looses its savor, He calls it “Good for nothing” except to be trodden under men’s feet. Is it not the same for an unjust weight? Its exactly the same. The only way that the balance can have its function restored is if it is calibrated by the “maker of the scale”

So what Rebekah: What does this mean to me? Well, I don’t know about you but I feel that the scale is a  metaphor for me. I am just any average ordinary scale with two choices: 1) Be a just weight that is accurate and performs its function/serves to the delight of the Maker(Jesus Christ) or gives others acurate, factual, information that is in perfect balance or harmony with Christ or:

2) Be an unjust weight that is inaccure, dishonest, and does not fulfill its purpose and brings others to a false sense of security or self loathing. A balance that is destructive in nature and displeasing to Christ which made me.  A weight that is good for nothing and should be cast out and trodden down

Dear Heavenly Father,

Talk about your no brainers!!! You are the one that created me. You have a specific plan and purpose for my life. Sometimes I confess that I do not understand your methods but it is not for me to question you but to trust you with all my heart and lean not into my own understanding. Father you have proven yourself trustworty in my life and in the lives of many of my Christian friends. I thank you and praise you for this.

Father I confess that I am not perfect though I would like to be. Father there have been times that I have been the unjust weight. Father I am sorry that I sinned and displeased you with my actions. I recognize and acknowledge that sin can not stand in your presence. I ask your forgiveness and to continue to make me new before you. God that I would(with your help) strive to be a just weight and your delight always AMEN





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