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Coming together

This Sunday I was really proud of my church family. We have a family in our church that is going through a particularly hard time. My husband and I are especially fond of this family as they have been a tremendous encouragement and a source of friendship. Before, service one of the family members had informed us of the hardship that was occurring. I told my husband if the mother of the family went to pray I go and pray with her. Invitation time to pray came and the lady went up. I went up also but to my amazement and excitement other women came too to pray for this special lady and her family. There were about 6-7 women at the alter supporting and encouraging and interceding for this woman and her family needs. It was exciting finally this is real Christianity loving, demonstrating support in trials. This is not always seen today. Most people are absorbed in their own day to day grind to see needs around them. It was just a really sweet moment at our church



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