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Tummy Time Push ups to achieve Milestones

Most of you are aware that I am a new mother. In Sept,  I gave birth to our son, Josiah.  Josiah and I have been working on a daily routine. Part of this routine contains a period of time called “tummy time”.  During this time. Josiah must be on his tummy performing a task. Tonight while we were working on our tummy time I noticed a few things and it made me think about how God treats us in a trial.

During tummy time, Josiah has to be on his belly working on push ups. He hates this activity and throws a hissy fit.  I think there are two reasons for him being so upset. 1) He can’t see me so he thinks he’s all by himself; 2) Its hard for him-a) he’s not coordinated, b) he’s lacks strength in his upper arm, tummy and head control muscles c) he doesn’t understand why he’s doing the activity.

I am a physical therapist. I have him do this tummy time to prepare for the next milestone/stage in development. Josiah needs to be on his tummy to improve his strength and coordination for crawling. I also let him struggle a little before I help him. I am right next to him the whole time speaking comforting, encouraging words. The whole time he is crying but performing the activity. Sometimes I give him physical support or stability so that he can work on strengthening and assist with his coordination. When I see that Josiah is getting tired or is getting too frustrated I stop the tummy activity. Then I pick him up, console him, and tell him how good he did during the activity. I also reward him for his hard work


Isn’t this like God. We are in some trial that he allows us to be positioned in. He puts limits on the test. He knows why we have to go through the test in order to achieve the next milestone. We can’t see Him. We hate the test and throw fits. The whole time God is with us. He sits or kneels next to us tells us through his word to “keep our head up” or “you can do it” or “you are doing great keep it up!” We can’t see Him but He wants us to trust Him that He is doing what is best for us.  There are times that God will give us assists to improve our ability to achieve the test. As I said earlier God limits the test; he sees that we can’t tolerate the test much longer so He (like me) stops the tests picks up His child then consoles them and reassures them of their success. God gives us rewards also after a trial.




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