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So far so good-Here’s Rebekah

I am R Pounds. I am happily married for 1 year to a wonderful man named N. Pounds. We are both in the healthcare profession. My husband works with clients who have brain injuries. I work with complicated pregnancies, recently began work with pt with lymphedema, and in a few months will begin working with urinary incontinence pts in an outpatient clinic. I am also attempting to complete my Doctorate by the end of next year. Such a crazy couple of months it has been for us.

We also are working in our church in the teen department on Sun and Wed. We recently had the privelege of me giving my testimony and my husband teaching a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have had the opportunity of teaching the 13 year old girls in Sunday school. My husband and I have a heart to teach young men and women how to be good godly individuals

My husband is my best friend. We met in college while getting our Masters. At the end of our Master’s program we fell in love and began to date long distance(Alabama-Missouri) that lasted about a year. That year was a really good training ground in communication. The next year Nolan moved to Missouri so that we could date like normal people. We married during the second year of dating. He is a blessing from God and I treasure him. He is definately my better half. God willing we will see many more anniversaries in the future


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